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Advice To Help Make Training Your Dog Easier

December 7, 2016 • admin

A Pitbull dog mid-air, running after its chew toy with its owner standing close by.

Few of the things you do for your dog are more important than training him. In the years to come, your dog will know its place in the family and will love it, so it pays off in the end. Read on to learn how to train your dog properly.

It is best to train your pet without unintentionally affirming his undesirable behaviors and mistakes. This means that you should never reward your dog, with treats or attention, for doing something you’re trying to train it out of. For instance, it will be difficult or impossible to train your dog not to jump on people if you give your pet a friendly neck-scratch when he or she jumps on you.

You will be able to allow your dog to do more as it learns. By having obedience along with freedom, your dog will have a happy life. Don’t give too much at any one time, of course, or it could take your training back a step.

When training dogs, use a similar tone and volume when you give commands. Your tone will indicate that you’re serious and to be respected. They will also know when you are being positive.

Make sure food and outside time are scheduled to help break your dog into being an inside dog. This can train your dog to whine or come get you when he feels the urge, so you can let him out and prevent him from doing his business inside. Conversely, this also teaches your dog that he may need to wait to go to the bathroom.

“No” shouldn’t be a huge part of training. If you are training a pet, find a positive way to reward them. Just simply telling your dog ‘no’ doesn’t help him or her in understanding how to properly react. Each dog has their own quirks.

Positive reinforcement is the preferred training method for dogs. Sweet treats or gentle petting are great rewards when the dog is behaving properly. Refrain from any physical contact if your dog does not follow directions. This never works, and your dog will sense that you are cluelss. The ideal results from dog training come from efforts that are positive in nature with consistent and firm applications.

Having been said before, getting a dog trained will be a great investment. Untrained dogs can damage your home, create unneeded stress in your family, and be a regular nuisance. By following the advice in this article, your training will be successful and your dog will be a very welcome and adored addition to your family.

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